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Best Reasons to Travel in Ladakh and Stay Budget Hotel in Leh Ladakh

Calm your mind as you enter the kingdom of the Almighty! With an abundance of streams, partial vegetation, rugged beauty of the mountains and a non-existent social life is all that you need to meet yourself and your family. Sipping a hot concoction in a budget hotel in Leh Ladakh you would thank your stars for choosing Ladakh for a vacation consisting of only you or along your family.  Hotel In Leh Ladakh Many often do not choose this beautiful part of Jammu and Kashmir as they are scared of the type of accommodation that they are to receive in Ladakh that according to them is not on par with the rest of the world. But they should know that the cheap hotel in Leh Ladakh are available and considered to be one of the best in the world where one does not have to sacrifice on their budget for good accommodation. Once you sort out your accommodation problems here are a few reasons why your visit in Ladakh would be the most memorable instance of your life- •  To